Listen to Dr. Saadat on the Roni Deutch Radio Show

Listen to Dr. Saadat on the Roni Deutch Radio Show listen to Dr. Saadat on The Roni Deutch Radio. World renowned Board Certified Doctor and Sleeping Disorder Specialist, Dr. Saadat has helped thousands of people with their sleeping and breathing

Latera Patient Testimonial

From Maryann L., Huntington Beach, CA Maryann Lundstrom is a 55 year old female with bilateral nasal wall collapse. She was treated by Dr. Saadat with bilateral Spirox Latera Implants on April 12, 2017. This testimonial was taken 3 months post procedure. 

LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant

If you are suffering from a collapsed nasal valve relief can be ten minutes away via the LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant. The procedure is done in our offices and leaves no visible scarring. It was designed to support the upper

Dr. Saadat Meets with Dr. Heinz Stammberger

Yesterday Dr. Saadat met with Dr. Heinz Stammberger, who he likes to call the Godfather of Sinus Surgery. They work together at the Cedars Sinai Center for Excellence. If you have difficulties breathing, do not sleep well or you or

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