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Bringing Up The Rear: The...

In colloquial terms, the phrase, ‘bringing up the rear’ means being last in a line. However, in cosmetic surgery, when someone ‘brings up the rear,’ they are inquiring about one of the […]

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Financing Cosmetic Surger...

Plastic surgery has become an accepted part of life. And not just for the wealthy. It is as common as owning a car or buying a home. In fact, it may be […]

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Aging Gracefully: Looking...

Historically, the 1960’s was a decade when baby boomers embraced and promoted peace and love. That was a long time ago, in a different century. While times are very different now, there’s […]

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Minimize Aging: How 60 Ha...

Here you are, a confident 60-something and if you do say so yourself, you look pretty amazing. In fact, you’ve done all the right things to keep your body healthy and that […]

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Skin & Aging | Fabul...

  Cosmetic Enhancement In Your 50’s While we might not know everything about skin and aging, we have come far in our understanding of what is required to take care of our […]

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Aging Well: Cosmetic Proc...

Thinking About Cosmetic Procedures In Your 40s? Choices Include A Variety of Temporary And Permanent Procedures The options for cosmetic enhancements in your 40s are plentiful. Depending on your goals and objectives […]

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