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Fabulous Skin At 50

  Cosmetic Enhancement In Your 50’s We have come far in our understanding of what is required to take care of our human bodies. Eating healthful foods, exercising and thinking positively all […]

Cosmetic Procedures In Your 40s

Choices Include A Variety of Temporary And Permanent Procedures The options for cosmetic enhancements in your 40s are plentiful. Depending on your goals and objectives you could select permanent or temporary procedures. […]

During Your 40’s Is The Time To Reverse And Repair

When you reach your 40’s, the visible signs of aging and sun damage start to become more apparent. Remember those carefree times when you were younger, basking in the sun without a […]

Aesthetic Cosmetic Changes To Consider During Your 20’s

This month I am providing an overview of the aesthetic changes that can take place during the decade of the 20’s. Typically, this is a time when healthy skin is flawless, smooth […]

Facing Your 30’s Beautifully And Setting The Stage For A Lifetime Of Beautiful Skin

For many people, the third decade of life – the 30’s – is prime time. This is when you truly come into your own. Professionally and personally, this time is rich with […]

Kicking The Month Off With Aids Awareness And Handwashing

December is a month in which everyone celebrates something. If it isn’t Christmas, it’s Hanukah or Kwanza or Festivus For The Rest of Us. With an unusual amount of socializing that happens […]

Stages of Beauty: Secrets To Looking Incredible At Any Age

Although it is an inevitable and natural process, aging is often looked upon with anxiety and trepidation. This is due primarily to the negative aesthetic developments associated with growing older, which are […]

Tis The Holiday And Plastic Surgery Season

The holiday season is one of the busiest seasons of all for plastic surgeons. If you were hoping to get a procedure during the upcoming season, you better start praying for a […]

World Mental Health Day Is A Time To Address Dis-ease

October 10th is designated as World Mental Health Day, which falls right in the middle of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a plastic surgeon both topics interest me. I believe anything […]

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