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Functional Rhinoplasty (Septoplasty): this 1-3 hour procedure is performed to correct breathing issues stemming from a deviated septum, and involvessurgically straightening the crooked septum cartilage and bone alleviate symptoms of sinus congestion (i.e. post-nasal drip, nasal discharge) and to improve breathing ability through the nose. During your functional rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Saadat will work through an incision inside the nostril to remove and/or reshape the deviated portions of the nasal cartilage and bone, taking care to leave behind a sufficient amount of non-deviated nasal bone/cartilage to maintain the integrity of the nasal structures. Patients may return home the same day of their surgery, but will be advised to elevate their head while sleeping, and to refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activities during the first several weeks of their recovery period.

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